Thursday, July 23, 2009

17 and Under Movie Review

17 and Under (1998) tells the story of Juan Sanchez (Cesar Herrera); an underage gang banger who killed someone and as part of the sentence he must live with a family. Under Proposition 432 convicted offenders 17 years of age and under must finish out their sentence by living with a bereavement family (lost a loved one to a violent crime) for six months. If they acquire their GED and have the sign-off of the host family they are free.

Juan thinks it will be easy; but when he sees the hardship the family continues to go through he begins to feel remorse for his actions. His friends attempt to call him and rival gangs try to find and kill him. The family had laid down the rules; especially the father. They have a daughter and the father has made it clear that if Juan even holds her hand he will not give the needed sign-off. She certainly enjoys watching him! Juan must change his ways to make it through this and to get out of the gang life. Can he do it?

17 & Under could have been a extremely good film. The premise was interesting but poorly put together. Filming was gritty (maybe on purpose but I didn't like it) and the acting sounded forced. At times my eyelids where real heavy as I found my self day dreaming - the pace was way to slow in the middle of the film.

4 out of 10 - Could be interesting if you are into the correction system or extremely raw odd films.
Amazonhas it used for a couple dollars if you wish to give it a try.

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