Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All About Us Movie Review

All About Us (2007) is a movie about the movie you are watching; yeah, different! Seriously though, it is a story of a husband and wife film making team (based on Christine and Michael Swanson - the director/writer/producer). We follow them through their struggles of living the dream and being responsible parents. They try to sell their movie to all the movie houses and no one bites, even stupidly making some enemies in the process. He is working a temp job and she is a stay at home mother.

When nothing works they take the leap on a new script she wrote over night. As told by a movie house they need "star power" - they decide on Morgan Freeman. During work time he makes non-stop calls trying to get in contact with him. Of course that is a no go unless the film is financed and they are able to pay his 15 million fee. (Side Note: Morgan does do low budget films such as 10 Items or Less.)

When they are unable to get him they come up with the idea to drive to Mississippi to catch him at his blues bar/restaurant. Will they meet up with him and get their movie done? If you have a lazy Sunday afternoon rent this one to find out.

It is an “ehhh” story with “so-so” acting, slow at times, but not too bad. It’s just a movie - not great, not to horrible. The special appearance of Morgan Freeman that is marketed on the DVD is about two seconds long with no talking.

4 out of 10 – Would not watch again; not even worth the effort to put up a trailer or link to where you can buy it. If you liked it or got something else out of it I would love to hear your comments – maybe you can sway me to bump it up to a 5.

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