Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Caribe Movie Review

Caribe (2004) takes place in Limon Costa Rica during an intense battle about drilling for oil and follows a husband and wife. Vicente (Jorge Perugorría) and Abigail (Cuca Escribano) own a successful banana plantation and are well respected in the community as they live a happy life.

One day Abigail's half-sister Irene (Maya Zapata) shows up; she was unaware she even had a half sister. Enjoyed by her company she invites her to stay and live with them. As she settles in the three enjoy some happy times and all seems well.

As all this is going on the fight over oil drilling is continuing. Vincente supports the side against it and with his influence in the neighborhood his opinion is trustworthy. He soon finds out his banana contract is being taken away because of tumbling fruit prices. Fully in debt with no prospects in sight and unsure how to support his family and the families that depend on him he considers the worst; "working" for the oil company.

During this time of despair and uncertainty he looks for comfort; finding it with his half-sister-in-law. This sets the happy home of three into disarray and the wife knows nothing of the plantation troubles or the closeness of her husband and sister.

How will he handle this triple threat? Can he keep his honor and pride and fix everything?

The filming at times is choppy and the acting is just decent. Even still, it was a good story and nice to watch.

6 out of 10 - Spanish with English subtitles.

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