Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Corndog Man Movie Review

The Corndog Man (1999) is a surprisingly amazing movie. It is about Ace (Noble Willingham) a loud bigoted boat salesman from South Carolina. One day a mysterious man comes to town and starts continually harassing him by repeatedly calling. He is tormented by the calls that begin to affect his work and life. He does not know who this man is or what he wants and Ace pleads with him to stop. The caller claims to have family ties to him and the calls become more personal as he begins to receive gifts as there may be some hope of it ending. The calls come back with a vengeance and Ace is at his wits end as his entire life is being overrun.

The acting and direction is extraordinary. We can really feel Ace's frustration but the director keeps us interested by moving to a new situation just in time before we get aggravated ourselves. At first I was skeptical but I became pulled into the story and the characters. As it finished up I found I wanted to watch it and share it with friends and family. The film contains a powerful life lesson that everyone needs to be aware of.

8 out of 10 - Not Rated - This movie may not be for everyone with its barrage of harsh language and racial slurs. This is a must see!

You can watch the trailer on YouTube if you like; although, I do not recommend it. It gives away a little too much and will take away from the experience of the movie.

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  1. The Corndog Man is one of my favorite movies, I watch it at least once a week... it's that good!