Saturday, July 11, 2009

Frozen River (2008) Movie Review

How far will you go to support your family? How will you handle yourself and treat those around you in the face of desperation?

Frozen River is a very powerful film that tackles these questions. Ray Eddy works at a local discount store trying to support her children. Her gambling husband has taken off just before Christmas leaving her alone to provide for the kids in a mobile home that needs replacing. She is unable to gain more hours at the store and upon meeting Lila she turns to smuggling illegal aliens into the United States. Lila Littlewolf is a Mohawk living on an Indian reservation that straddles the US/Canada border. The two must journey back and forth across a frozen river taking many risks along the way. Tragedy strikes and the two risk i
t all.

9 out of 10 - Recommend for watching this weekend; pick it up at your local RedBox or watch now on Amazon - Rated R

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