Monday, July 13, 2009

Kabluey Movie Review

Kabluey (2007) is a funny story about Leslie (Lisa Kudrow) and her brother-in-law Salman (Scott Prendergast). Leslie's husband is serving in Iraq and she is faced with raising two rambunctious kids and the fact that she needs to go back to work for the benefits leads her to have Salman come live with her. The kids hate him and he is zoned out half the time. She no longer wants him there; but, he can't leave - no money and no place to live.

Arrive Kabluey! Salman is forced to take a job as a company mascot for a dwindling internet company. It is hot, degrading, and restrictive.

He begins to suspect Leslie is having an affair but has no idea how to handle the possibility. And, the kids keep trying to kill. The husband returns home...

I loved Kabluey - it is a fun interesting simple movie and has many situations you may find yourself in during life.

7 out of 10 - PG 13. Order it on Amazon or rent from Hollywood Video.

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