Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Man from Earth Movie Review

Jerome Bixby worked on this film for almost forty years; finishing just before he passed away in 1998. The Man from Earth (2007) is his final work of a long successful career including writing for Twilight Zone and Star Trek.

I consider it a sleeper as it is not widely known and when you start it you are somewhat skeptical the film will even be worth finishing. How wrong and pleasantly surprised was I, now considering it by far as my favorite sci-fi films of all time. The acting is exceptional and fits the setting and storyline perfectly. The movie takes place in one room and consists of a very interesting conversation. There are no flash backs, special effects, or anything – just an engrossing conversation.

Professor John Oldman has decided to all of a sudden retire and move out of town. Without notice his colleges come to bid him farewell. There is a historian, anthropologist, archeologist, and a person of faith; certainly a well educated group covering many specialties. Even a biologist is among his friends. Everyone is baffled why he is leaving and tries to get him to divulge his reasons.

John asks "What if a man, from the Upper Paleolithic survived until the present day?” Everyone jumps into the conversation and the possibilities of how it could happen. Could a caveman be living today? Wouldn’t he age? What would the person have seen and lived through? Where the customs and religions like we thought they were? Who did they meet? Considering the question and the group the conversation becomes emotional and heated at times with many surprising revelations.

It is an amazing and intelligent movie written with perfection. I was drawn into the story as my mind was going a 100 miles an hour thinking about the question; feeling as if I was part of the group wishing to offer my theory.

10 out of 10 – If you are a fan of sci-fi this is a need to see film that will blow you away.


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  2. I agree with you this film was amazing, I loved the conversation and I was even more thankful that it didn't rely on special effects or flashbacks because nothing can be more exciting than the places our minds can go!