Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Martian Child Movie Review

Martian Child (2007) is a heartwarming tale starring John Cusack (David) and Bobby Coleman (Dennis/Martian Child). David Gordon is lost and alone after his wife passes. He meets an intriguing abandoned child, Dennis, through the process he started with his wife two years ago. Dennis claims he is from Mars and stays inside a large cardboard box all day since the sun will harm him; in addition he wears a special belt to keep him from floating away.

David decides to adopt him on a trial basis against the wishes of his sister (Joan Cusack) saying that he is not prepared. Over time their bond grows strong as he tries to teach Dennis how to fit in as an Earthling while letting him be a creative free spirit as Dennis is showing him the customs from Mars. As a science fiction writer David is thoroughly intrigued by the possibility that his foster son is from another planet.

The next book of David’s is falling behind because of dealing with The Martian Child's eccentricities. One evening they are playing in the kitchen which escalates into a full out war of soap and ketchup when the case worker stops by for s surprise visit! David's goal is to adopt him after the trial period but may have difficulty because of the insistent Martian claim and some recent events.

This funny and thought provoking family film shows how children are expected to fit into society’s norms. The parent’s role of supporting or trying to change their child can have lasting effects on their future. The movie was a continuous journey; I didn't move or even press the pause button while watching it.

8 out of 10 - Rated PG - A wonderful family film to watch with your children.

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  1. Read a lot of bad reviews about it, but I, too, enjoyed it for its warmth. Cusack and the boy had a great chemistry.