Friday, July 24, 2009

Once Movie Review

Once (2006) is about a guy and a girl; literally, those are the character names. Guy is played by Glen Hansard (The Frames) and Girl is acted by Markéta Irglová (The Swell Season). It could be categorized as a musical because much of the story is told through their music; although it is not like a traditional musical. I would call it a movie with a lot of amazing and emotional music. Glen and Markéta are accomplished musicians in real life and complete once in a lifetime explosive performances on the screen. They have indicated they will not act again.

Guy works in his father's vacuum shop and plays music with his acoustic guitar and bellowing voice on the streets of Dublin at night and during breaks from the shop. His songs tell his story and spark the attention of Girl. She comes up to him to find out if he wrote the song and who it was about - he wrote it and it is about his girlfriend that left town. She does random jobs during the day to take care of her mom and upon finding out he works in the shop she asks to have her vacuum fixed.

The next day she is walking through the streets with her vacuum and comes to him. He is unable to work on it at this time but they grab a bite to eat where he learns she plays piano. They straight away go to a piano so he can hear here play and within no time they are playing a song together that he wrote. Their playing is astonishing together as their voices compliment each other in a profound way.

On the bus ride back he tells who he is through music in a random little off the cuff song. Finally making it back to the shop where he and his dad fix the vacuum. He gives her some CDs of his songs and uncompleted guitar music without lyrics she thinks she can write.

Over the next few days they write many songs together and learn their stories. They share their feelings for each other through music. He dreams of being a professional musician - perhaps with her help his dream will come true. This type connection happens just once if you are lucky; will it last forever?

I absolutely loved this movie and am glad to have had the opportunity to watch it.

9 out of 10 - An unforgeable film for everyone

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The music becomes part of the dialogue. The story moves nicely and ends well. Lynn