Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pu-239 (2006) Movie Review

Pu-239 a.k.a. The Half Life of Timofey Berezin is about Timofey, a worker at a Russian nuclear plant that has seen better days. He appears to be a simple man but the sporadic narration by the main character shows his true knowledge. An accident occurs at the plant and he and his family are relieved to learn it was a non-lethal dose of radiation. Upon him delving deeper into the incident he learns what he was told is not the truth and must risk everything for his family. He is thrust into the Russian underworld after meeting a black market dealer. Their relationship is unique and builds as they learn more about each other.

The movie is filled with quirky characters and situations as well as wonderful cinematography. It shows how far a husband and a father will go to ensure his families survival. Watch closely at the end to truly appreciate the magnitude of the actions.

8 out of 10 - Recommended for all audiences; some science education will help but is not needed. Rated R

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