Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reign Over Me Movie Review

Adam Sandler turns in his best performance to date in Reign Over Me (2007) as Charlie Fineman. Charlie leads a secluded life after the sudden death of his wife and children on 9/11. He rides his motor scooter around the city drowning out the world around him with his headphones always on listening to classic music. Spending time playing video games and finding new records for his collection keep his mind from remembering. Charlie lives a free life doing what he wants when he wants.

Alan Johnson is played very well by
Don Cheadle. He is a successful dentist with a great family but is without friends and alone time. One day, after sidestepping a patient in the office with a crush on him that causes him headaches, he sees Charlie on his drive home while stuck in traffic.

Charlie and Alan where roommates in dental school that rekindle their friendship. Alan soon finds out Charlie is troubled and vehemently denies any type of help to "fix" him and will not discuss his family or life before the tragedy. They begin to hang out more becoming closer and closer while Charlie’s in-laws consider having him committed because he avoids them because the pain of the memory is too much.

The movie is filled with emotion and certainly made me tear up. Rage, loss, laughter, friendship, marriage, lust, and heartache are all explored with this film. Perhaps to be a true friend you sometimes just need to leave someone alone or maybe you do everything you can do to save them; this question is tackled. We glimpse into the life of someone that was indefinitely changed because of the events on that
horrendous day.

An amazing
soundtrack accompanies us on their quests for happiness; fyi: the released soundtrack does not have the great songs that are in the movie. Do you know one national US monument that is movable? Charlie does! Each has something to offer the other in life. This powerful drama certainly changed mine.

10 out of 10 – Rated R – You need to see this movie! Also stars Liv Tyler and Jada Pinkett Smith with Mike Binder (director/writer) playing Charlie's accou

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  1. Wow, I didn't know this horrendous flick would touch someone, hehe ;)