Friday, July 17, 2009

Taking Chance Movie Review

Taking Chance (2009) is based on Lt. Col. Michael Strobl's essay "A Marine's Journey Home" which accounts the true events of bringing PFC Chance Phelps home after being killed in Iraq.

Kevin Bacon plays Strobl and of all the roles he has played this is the one I will always remember him for. The honor and respect given to our falling is staggering. The Defense Department offered guidance to ensure the accurate portrayal of the procedures of bringing our soldiers home. Since 1991 all media coverage was restricted so this film offers a rare view of the ceremonies to often performed; this ban was recently lifted in April 2009.

Chance posthumously opened the eyes of many along his return home. Whatever your view of the Iraq War this is a must see and is void of any opinions about the war.

8 out of 10 - I was deeply moved by this gripping account. Have you had the opportunity to watch this film?

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  1. I did see this movie. Watching the trailer just now & am crying again. The movie is beyond remarkable. The amount of respect our citizens show for our fallen never fails to make me proud. Even those who don't support the wars, support honor our fallen. As a military wife & one whose been to a military funureal, I was so amazed to see the care given to our fallen. I agree EVERYONE needs to see this movie.