Monday, August 10, 2009

Acolytes Movie Review

Acolytes (2008) is a pretty good thriller/suspense film; some may call it horror. This one got my heart pumping a few times when it made me jump back in my chair. Not exactly a major award winner, but certainly entertaining.

The opening sequence gets you pumped up for the film extremely fast. There is a girl covered in dirt running through the woods disoriented and afraid - SMASH- hit buy a car driving fast on the dirt road. The film works towards explaining that event and much more.

James, Mark, and Chasely are walking home from high school and decide to hang out in the woods. When James and Chasely begin to make out Mark wonders off into the woods. Walking zoned out, he is frightened to find himself all of a sudden standing within feet of a man burying something. After quickly hiding and watching the SUV drive off he runs back to tell what he saw. The three return with shovels to see what the stranger was doing. Panic ensues when they find a dead backpacker.

Instead of calling the police they decide to attempt to locate the SUV and the person responsible. As they are doing that James makes a call tipping off the police to Mark saying he knows what happened to their missing classmate (not the backpacker). James and Mark where sodomized by Mark years ago and do all they can to seek revenge. They think of a plan to blackmail the killer from the woods into killing Mark. The three are entering into a world they know nothing about!

6.5 out of 10 - A good late night flick with a great story that builds on itself and has some unpredictable twists and turns. - Be sure to check out the alternate ending on the DVD; I prefer it to the one in the movie. Other than Joel Edgerton (woods killer) the acting is pretty standard; Joel is amazing. The title refers to being a follower.

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