Monday, August 3, 2009

Conversations With Other Women Movie Review

Conversations with Other Women (2005) stars Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Carter. It is a simple film that revolves around a conversation between two people one night. The film is shot entirely in split-screen. The split screen allowed for many interesting things; one is when the characters come together in one side the other side can be used for flash backs, another is when a conversation takes place you can see both people's expressions and opposite views simultaneously. This could certainly be messy and not for all audiences. I was a little unsure where I should look when starting but soon enough the images merged in my head making for a one of a kind experience that was enjoyable. The director/editor (Hans Canosa) did a bang up job!

At a wedding a nameless man approaches a nameless woman offering a drink that she does not accept. They banter back and forth about how she is a back-up bridesmaid and that the friends where more of her ex-husband's. He has a girlfriend (Sarah the dancer) and she is married to Jeffrey "Jeff" the Cardiologist; even still they playfully flirt. When the evening progresses we learn he is the brother of the bride. He also claims to remember her previously from when he was younger and tells of a story she says is fiction because she has never heard it before.

They continue their repertoire while pondering their next move. The conversation is comfortable and fun until the elevator door opens and the realization of what could happen enters their minds. The ride up to her room becomes awkward when another bridesmaid, someone he knows, gets in with them. She picks up on a vibe and is sure to talk about his girlfriend. Curious is if she will fully remember him or maybe his memory has not been kind to him.

There are some great French songs by Carla Bruni that set the mood throughout. This is an excellent one to watch twice in a row; each time offering a different view point.

7 out of 10 - I enjoyed it, but would not call it unforgettable. The very unique style and writing appealed to me more. Worth a rental anytime! Remember this is just a conversation, little slow at times, but the visual keeps you interested pretty well along with the progression of the conversation.

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