Friday, August 7, 2009

Diggers Movie Review

Diggers (2006) is a film of life's changes with clam digging in the 1970s as a back drop. After Hunt's (Paul Rudd) and Gina's (Maura Tierney) dad dies they are forced into some difficult situations along with the emotional turmoil. Their dad was a hardcore bayman like Hunt and his three closest friends are. They dig for clams in the South Bay of Long Island and hardly make enough money to support their families because a large corporation, South Shell, is buying up the best spots.

This coming of middle-age film is excellently written and acted with a well rounded ending. We follow the lives of a group of friends:

- Hunt loves taking pictures with his black and white Polaroid camera. When he picks up his dad's ashes he keeps them in his Playmate cooler so he can have some time with him. He has a peculiar eye flirting relationship with a girl (Zoey) that he sees sitting outside each day when he boats by. He ends up meeting her at a bar one night and they hit it off. Some drastic changes to his simple life may be coming as he considers his next move.

- Gina is divorced from her cheating husband and is having a hard time with the loneliness after her father passes.

- Jack (Ron Eldard) is a ladies man and is seeing Gina without Hunt knowing it.

- Lozo (Ken Marino) has a large family with many kids and when his motor gets stolen he contemplates getting a job at South Shore; the very company that is threatening the livelihood of many diggers.

- Cons (Josh Hamilton) is a druggie that has his mind filled with odd quotes and life lessons.

They are a interesting and close group of friends that will surely have some likeness to someone in your life.

7 out of 10 – Rated R - A pleasant watch and an enjoyable nice movie about life. I liked it because the issues presented are for a little later in life than most of the other coming of age movies that focus on the school and college age groups. It covers the issues you may face in your 30s or 40s such as job loss, children, divorce, and the death of a parent. Be sure to watch this one!


  1. This sounds like a great movie and has actors I enjoy. I may have to go rent this :) Thank you for sharing your review. I saw your site via Blogville.

  2. Paul Rudd looks good with a beard. Nice to see Ken Marino too who stars in Rudd's Starz series Party Down. Wild show!