Thursday, August 20, 2009

Duane Hopwood Movie Review

Duane Hopwood (2005) is a story of living with your mistakes, accepting them, and moving on. Duane (David Schwimmer) had a happy marriage to Linda (Janeane Garofalo) with two young children until his drinking ruined it all. The movie starts with him being divorced and working the night shift as a pit boss with good visitation rights to see his children; he now drinks to dull the pain.

He is heading home one evening and gets stopped for drunk driving. The officer is a friend and offers to take him home and let it slide; that is, until he discovers his daughter is in the car. He continues his downward spiral after his license is taken away and finds out he may have his visitation taken away.

Riding his bike to and from work in the winter and all the family issues are dragging him down, fueling his drinking. His snappy temper against his ex-wife’s boyfriend is sure to come back to haunt him. He is such a lost soul, going as far as confessing he still loves his ex-wife to the women that just spent the night with him.

To balance the film out there are some hilarious parts when a co-worker (Judah Friendlander) moves in with Duane. Other great situations and characters round out the film. Will he finally find himself and happiness with his broken family?

This story could represent many families and is a good movie about the stresses of life and how to deal with them especially when life is not going your way. David Schwimmer does a tremendous job.

7 out of 10 – Just a decent well acted movie about life. It is not super special or a movie you will talk about with your friends.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm going to rent this when I can. Janeane Garofalo as a blond and a young John Krasinski, consider me intrigued.