Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fling Movie Review

Fling (2008) is also known as Lie to Me abroad and explores the alternative lifestyle of an open relationship. Samantha (Courtney Ford) and Mason (Steve Sandvoss) are both successful in their work and on the outside appear to be in a loving relationship; and they are. They laugh, go out, live together, and have a strong bond unlike many couples. A few of their friends and co-workers know that they have a very open relationship, not only seeing other people for one night or many, but even talking of their experiences and asking the other for advice.

At Sam's sister's (Allison) wedding she runs into James, an ex-boyfriend, while Mason advances towards the groom's sister Olivia. James and the groom (Luke) are friends and he knows of his and Samantha's arrangement; although knows nothing of him and Olivia. Luke must also keep it a secret from his wife, Sam's sister, as she does not know and they don't want to tell her. Quite a tangled web!

As Sam and Mason spend more time with their flings their relationship is appearing strained as they don't share their emotions as much. Jealousy creeps in and they begin spending even more time with their new lovers to get their minds off their relationship because they can not stand the thought of the other with another. New discoveries could drastically alter their direction in life whether they want it to or not. Has their open relationship finally reached the breaking point? Can their friends and family be kept in the dark? Perhaps what many young people may see as an amazing and fun way to live is not all it is cracked up to be.

With a handheld camera style and a great soundtrack you become immersed in their lives. The acting is top notch allowing you to feel the emotions of the characters. The content of this movie could make it very racy but it is not; it is tastefully sensual. The pace keeps you engaged at all times; a great movie that will entertain. 
9 out of 10!