Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Iron Giant Movie Review

The Iron Giant (1999) is a touching story with deep moral lessons. This movie is one of the big marketing blunders of the 90s and continues today. The DVD cover alone gives you the wrong impression; it looks to be just a simple animated kid's movie.

You may be apprehensive of the film being animated, but do not worry because the story line, emotions, and character interactions are so well done and fulfilling that you will be immediately drawn in. It is complex enough for adults to love and also simple enough for kids to enjoy - a true family film. Drawing on the openness of children to accept new things while adults are more reserved, the film teaches valuable lessons through times of happiness and fright while ingraining the message that we choose who we are in life.

A large robot from space crashes into the ocean during the Cold War era. It's landing is witnessed by a skipper in distress that is seemingly saved by the iron giant. The skipper calls the government worried it could be a device created by the Soviet Union. That night a boy named Hogarth heads into the woods after seeing a path of destruction leading to his missing TV antenna. He comes upon the metal being and actually saves him from electrocution. Once he gets over his terrified state and the robot acknowledges he saved him, they begin a wonderful friendship.

The investigator arrives from Washington, DC and plans to take the wacky report and be on his way to more important things, that is, until he finds his car half eaten. Through many follies he keeps trying to obtain evidence of what is in the woods. If he can ever obtain the hard evidence his superior requires the might of the US Army will be coming to the small town.

8 out of 10 - Rated PG - A timeless tale that is sure to please. Looking beyond, the robot also symbolizes the tools of war and how the choice exists not to use them. The voice cast includes Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick, Jr., Vin Diesel, Christopher McDonald, John Mahoney, and Eli Marienthal. The screenplay was based on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.


  1. Dain: Loved this one myelf. Years ago, my son (he was then about 4) and I watched this one on VHS and it became one of his favorites. As kids will do, he wanted to watch it over and over. This one never got old for me either for the reasons you stated above. This many years later, I got it on DVD for myself. Great movie and voices perfectly cast. "Superman. - Mykal

  2. I have heard a lot of good things about this movie. I will have to check it out sometime. Dain, how long have you been doing reviews?
    -jeff www.babbleon5.wordpress.com