Monday, August 24, 2009

Tyson Documentary Review

Tyson (2008) is a very revealing and telling history of Mike Tyson's life told by Tyson himself. He talks through his childhood up to current day in a very open and candid manner.

The filmmaker (James Toback) did a perfect job of letting him tell his story without coaxing or slanting the film to any side; it is simply Mike's story. Most of the film is of him sitting on the couch or outside his home describing his life from his perspective. It is intertwined with some really great fight footage along with film and photographs from Tyson's younger days.

I have a new respect for him as a boxer after watching this. I was much too young to understand his accomplishments when he was in his prime. He didn't do anything to alleviate my opinion of him personally from his later years, even making me like him less. Even still, I am glad to have a record of who he really is. The film will give you new insight (good and bad) into his mind and life.

8 out of 10 - Rated R - A no frills history of Mike Tyson; albeit remarkably insightful and captivating. Everyone should see this for the boxing history and to learn more about the life of a very intriguing man.

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