Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gigante Movie Review

Gigante (2009) is an eccentric film about the period of time before meeting the one you have fallen for. Calling it a love story would not do it justice; I call it a "pre-love" story, with drama and some comedy put in the mix. It is simple yet extremely well acted and directed movie that could have easily been uninteresting given the subject matter. The cast and crew pulled it off by making a truly memorable film.

Jara is in his mid 30's and loves hardcore rock and enjoys playing video games with his nephew. Always wearing a Biohazard or Motörhead t-shirt, black cargo pants, and army boots he walks the streets of Montevideo following Julia while trying to balance his interest in her while not being aggressive. Great music along with the sites and sounds of the city fill the void when little talking takes place.

He first saw Julia through the security cameras at a large grocery store where he is a guard and she works in the janitorial department cleaning up the store overnight. Unaware of Jara or his infatuation for her she goes about her days. Through his walks and persistent watching he learns more about her and finds things he made need to do to better himself to have a chance and a few things they could have in common.

Jara's life and job become at risk when his determination to know more about Julia come to a head. While watching her one night at work he sees her go with another man she has laughed with at work into an area of the store without cameras; he can not take not knowing! This sometimes scary but possibly sweet simple man must decide his next move. He has followed her to her house, cinema, internet cafe, and even on a date with another man (he follows the guy also). Has he become a stalker or is he still the guy that anonymously left a flowering cactus for her in an isle at work?

This is the most realistic story of a relationship I have ever seen. The situations he gets into will certainly make you feel his uncomfortableness that we all have felt when trying to engage another person we like. A perfect time to introduce himself to her passes by when he hides behind a wall at a club he is a bouncer for when she tries to get in without having the cover charge.

8 out of 10 - Spanish with English subtitles - If you enjoy a good visual story with well developed characters and a look at real life this film is for you. It is available for
pre-order from Amazon for its February 2010 release.

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