Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'll Believe You Movie Review

I'll Believe You (2007; DVD 2009) is a lively out of this world comedy adventure revolving around an overnight radio show host and his circle of friends along with some charismatic fans. For two years Dale Sweeney (David Alan Basche) has been living his dream hosting a radio show about the unexplained, UFOs, Bigfoot, Nessie, and the like. His life begins to unravel when his freebie loving manager (Fred Willard) says he is going to cancel the show. There isn't much in Melbourne Florida other than a so-called promising career of selling hoses at his brother Kyle's (Thomas Gibson) company.

Dale must get more callers and sponsors to save his show. The previous night one of his crazed fans called in saying she saw a UFO crash into the ocean and after hanging out with his friends they decide the UFO must be found to keep the show alive. Senna (Patrick Gallo) and Paige (Cece Pleasants) are Dale’s longtime friends; Nick is a police officer and Paige is a science teacher. After the chat they come across hundreds of handwritten pages tacked on a wall of what looks like mathematical gibberish; while Dale is lit up like a kid in a candy store seeing something unexplained, Senna is all about the scotch tape. After getting a little more inspiration from the town nut and gator lover, Eugene (Chris Elliott), Dale is pumped and ready to find some aliens.

For the first time ever his phone call switch board is lit up but call after call is just loony and frantic people. Until, "the call that changed everything"! A male caller dials in speaking unidentifiable jargon that Dale insists is a real language. His hunch may prove correct when government agents arrive dressed in black asking about the report of the crash landing as well as the caller. For the second night in a row the mystery caller is at it again. When Dale cuts him off trying to figure out what is going on the mystery caller speaks English to explain he must let him talk at that specific time each night. He decides to have Paige come on the show to offer her scientific explanation for the meticulously timed calls; her primary theory is it is a prank call but if pushed she would say it is the time when the radio station is lined up with the mother ship.

While all this is going on Senna is investigating some odd robberies. The local grocery store in broken into and all that is taken is electronic toothbrushes. Then some hoses and nozzles are stolen from Hose World. Another robbery comes over the radio for the local trophy shop as Dale and Senna are having some morning coffee. When talking about the very weird events they realize they started at the same time as the mystery caller...go go go; they rush over to the trophy shop. They don’t find the perpetrator but find a plaque that was made in another language they can not understand. Alternate theories and skeptics try to explain all the events while Dale continues on his quest.

8 out of 10. Rated PG. This is a fun adventure that adults, kids, and everyone in between will enjoy. The story keeps you engaged throughout with many more amazing characters, great cinematography, and original music. Order this wonderfully paced and intriguing independent film with great life messages from
Amazon or put it in your Netflix queue. It also stars Patrick Warburton, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Ed Helms, and others; written/directed by Paul Francis Sullivan. You will be a fan of green shirts and chicken! (Also reviewed: Perfect Imperfection - The Making and Saving of "I'll Believe You)

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