Thursday, October 8, 2009

One Hour Fantasy Girl Movie Review

One Hour Fantasy Girl (2009) is an artistic yet raw look at real life; this is based on a true story. The film is a poignant view at the life of Brandi (Kelly-Ann Tursi), a fantasy girl. With dreams of a better life and more money she begins working as a fantasy girl to work towards her goal of real estate investing. She will create and participate in any man's fantasy as long as she does not have to kiss or be nude. Haunted by her childhood and unable to sleep she turns to meditation and chanting with little effect but wants no pity from anyone about her situation.

On the streets of Hollywood Becky Lewis appears to be just another girl with loosely tied back hair and oversized t-shirts, but in room 102 of The California Sunshine Motel she becomes Brandi and participates in a world she knows little about. Chi (Paul D. Nguyen), her business partner, arranges everything including her first client. Roger (Jon Morgan Woodward) is a large man that never lost his baby fat and fantasies about infancy. He knows what he wants and Brandi gives it to him; a bottle filled with vodka, and rub on his head, and baby games are all part of the sessions. Being experienced with these encounters he instructs her to do more profound things in later visits testing her strength.

Bobby (Joe Luckay) has just come to town from Montana and finds himself alone. After visiting her website he calls to find out more and is immediately drawn in. He is an odd young man looking to build his discipline by lying in bed with her. Innocent and sincere with knowledge of her beliefs bring them closer than she would like. She fights to control the situation and his consistent advances but really needs a good person in her life. Bobby and Roger along with other interesting people will shape her life forever. Dianthia (Kalena Knox) works at an all night diner offering solace to Brandi during her sleepless nights but is fighting for her own survival.

9 out of 10 - This eye popping glimpse into another lifestyle turns out to be very compelling; the choices made on the path for happiness as you come into adulthood can make or break you. Mesmerizing and ravenous electronic music by Nima Fakhrara accompanies the scenes and perfectly compliments the pace of the film. The writing, direction, production, and acting are all done with passion that shines on the screen - Kelly-Ann Tursi provides a deeply emotional performance. The subject matter could have made this uncomfortable to watch, but it is so well done and does not cross the line and there is no nudity. A few scenes do have or imply some very alternative sexual activities. 

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