Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Lunacy: Videos from the Road Less Traveled Documentary Review

Random Lunacy: Videos from the Road Less Traveled (2007) is a great documentary following the life of William David Pearlman (more commonly know as Poppa Neutrino) and his family. Seamlessly splicing many interviews with home videos draws you into his life and teachings in an amazing way.

Poppa Neutrino chose a life of freedom by bucking the traditional lifestyle and goals of most. People with little knowledge of him could consider him a failure until they watch this film. You will learn how his life, however difficult (by choice), is extremely rich and fulfilling. The adventures he and his family have been on, places he has seen, people met, things learned, and that he even taught will make any wealthy person jealous.

8 out of 10 - I really enjoyed the unique adventure that the filmmakers Stephanie Silber and Victor Zimet created. Their style made the documentary very engrossing; even with the interesting subject it could have been like watching a boring home movie, but their vision and storytelling abilities shine and make Random Lunacy a real treat! The DVD is available from
Amazon - be sure to check out the extras.

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