Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Barbershop Chronicles Movie Review

The Barbershop Chronicles (2009) takes you into the life experiences of the barbershop. The script is excellently written, but does take a little while for the story to take off. When it does you will be drawn into the life and interactions of the characters. The technical aspects (sound, video, and editing) are low-grade, which is expected with a low budget film. Unfortunately, it does take away from the movie. The writer and director, Bobby E. Goins, has a bright future and I am sure he will hone his skills in his upcoming films.

The story is presented as a series of flashbacks when the now older group of friends talks about the funny times in they have had in barber shop. Exploding bathrooms, hijacked cable and telephone lines, car chases, women, mobsters, and the neighborhood bootleg seller all make for a funny and unpredictable life at the shop. Through it all, friendships are cemented and life experiences are had that shapes who they are.

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