Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ink Movie Review

Ink (2009) is a climax of audio and visual stimulation that takes you on a journey of the subconsciousness. The dark and light forces fight over the soul in a thrilling and thought provoking metaphysical world that is linked to the physical one. This science fiction fantasy is packed with action between mesmerizing sequences of relaxation and happiness that offset the dark and uneasy world of the Incubi.

The Incubi give nightmares while the Storytellers offer dreams of hope. These two groups battle for Emma (
Quinn Hunchar) in this alternate realm, where time runs differently, as she lays in a coma in the real world after Ink took her essence to prove his worthiness to become an Incubi. Her only hope is for the Storytellers to change the path of her father, John (Chris Kelly). A series of events changed John from a loving and caring person to a deeply hurt and broken man. With the quest to change John underway another Storyteller, Liev (Jessica Duffy), attempts to adjust Ink's thinking to not continue following the path he is on.

8 out of 10 - A strait forward and simple tale this is not; it is open to some interpretation making the film difficult to follow at times. It does come together more as the film advances, but in the end it may take some nonlinear thinking to understand. Still, this is a very interesting and mind blowing film that intrigues your senses and perception. The acting was fitting for the film, but was a little one-dimensional at times. Jamin Winans, Kiowa K. Winans, and Jeff Pointer created this unique and intriguing story. You can purchase it from
Amazon or direct from the film's website.