Monday, November 2, 2009

The Iron Boy Film Review

The Iron Boy (2006) is a gem of a short film from Australia. This eerie and dramatic film is wonderfully shot with dark undertones, and the spooky soundtrack compliments it perfectly. It stars Rebecca Cole and Peter Anderson and was created by Swingtime Creative.

A grieving mother forages in a junk yard for scraps of metal that she carries home little by little in her basket. Her lover pushes her to let go of their son that passed away but she can not; especially with the neighbors new child. As he sleeps, she slips outside into the shed to put the pieces together she has retrieved. As her delusionary obsession grows her husband's anger overflows when he finds the iron boy. The complete film is available below.


  1. Color and music are pretty cool.

  2. The synopsis sounds a little like "Little Otik", where a woman adopts a piece of wood that has a vaguely similar shape to a male baby. Eventually the thing comes to life, grows to enormous proportions and eats everything in sight. So it's not completely the same thing, but similar ideas in the beginning.