Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Strip Movie Review

The Strip (2009) brings together a great group of improvisers headed by the master, Dave Foley. Hilarity and friendship power this creative and realistic story that many will relate to. Mundane jobs, office pranks, dating, cheating, family, and dreams are all intertwined into an uplifting and funny tale of life and its challenges.

The second-rate electronic store Electri-City in the strip mall is managed by Glenn (Dave Foley). He has worked there for the majority of his life working up through the ranks and often reads manager publications to get ideas for team building exercises. Living a stable, but boring life, he is drawn to the beautiful new manager at the next door fabric store. When he begins ignoring his wife (Gail Rastorfer) and looking for reasons to go to the fabric store his life becomes unpredictable.

Also working at the store is an odd but lovable group of sales associates. Avi (Federico Dordei) is preparing for his marriage that was arrange by his parents to a wonderful women according to her written résumé. When he finally sees her picture he is totally freaked out! Rick (Cory Christmas) is your typical loudmouth jock ladies man that has an acting career on the cusp of taking off. Jeff (Billy Aaron Brown) lives in his van with a sweet TV he was able to afford by subletting his apartment. By not paying $600 a month rent and getting $600 for his apartment he has $1,200 for whatever he needs...huh? When he figures out his calculations are a bit off he moves in with Glenn and his wife.

Kyle (Rodney Scott) is being primed to take over his father's empire. His father owns the franchise of Electri-City stores that includes the one Kyle works at. What he thought he wanted is questioned when he meets Melissa (Jenny Wade), a young vibrant women that encourages him to do what he really wants in life.

7 out of 10 - Rated PG-13 - The Strip had me cracking up many times! Life is hard but with good people, no matter how crazy they are, it can be enjoyable. The movie can be a touch slow at times and I found that a couple of the funny scenes came off as annoying. Overall it is a good fun movie that will certainly entertain. All the actors did an excellent job of playing (and enhancing) the unique and well developed characters. The cinematography, music, and editing are of the high quality we have come to expect. It was written and directed by Jameel Khan and produced by Jay Khan, with photography by Pete Biagi. You can see it in
select theaters beginning December 4th.

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  1. This movie looks funny! Thanks for the review. Feels like a long time since I've seen Dave Foley in anything!