Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mean Creek Movie Review

Mean Creek (2004) is an artistic film on the cusp of greatness. The cinematography is excellent, acting is great, storyline is good (although a little predictable), and even the music is hauntingly beautiful.

Sam (Rory Culkin) is physically bullied by George (Josh Peck) one to many times. After telling his brother Rocky about it, Rocky tells his irrational friend Marty (Scott Mechlowicz; Peaceful Warrior), and a plan is born to enact some lighthearted revenge. Things go awry when George and Marty's strong personalities clash in the creek. Friendships are tested while perceptions are questioned.

6 out of 10 - I enjoyed the journey, but not the destination. This is one of those films I find myself wanting to like more. The performance by Josh Peck is unforgeable!  With that and the other positives, I recommend you give it a watch if you come across it and let us all know what you thought.  The last ten minutes is what is keeping me from giving this an eight or nine.


  1. I liked Meen creek, didn't love it. Too similar to other 80s movies like Stand by me.

    Try "The return" (in Russian), excellent film,if you can find it, which has similar elements to Meen Creek.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation; I will certainly watch The Return. I looked it up and Netflix has it!

  3. hey there
    i've read some of your blogs
    I think they're fantastic and i will definetly be going to watch this movie.
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    so far I have a massive following of 7 which includes myself and my sister
    I'm currently doing a piece on the films of Quentin Tarantino who i think is a brilliant genre-blending if occasionally empty director
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  4. I have seen many movies before, and none have held such great performances as this, and hardly any have spoken to the audience in such a powerful way. This film is quite disturbing, mainly because of its brutal honesty. The characters are deeply flawed yet still ring true to real life. Out of the main characters, you can at least relate to one, if not all.

  5. I'm very intrigued by this film. May have to watch it for myself.

  6. Haven't seen this but it sounds like a good movie. can someone tell me where I can see.

    1. It was! You can rent the DVD from Netflix or stream it from Amazon.